Building community, tearing down walls: New initiative launches in Jerusalem

Author: Colleen Wilcox

The University of Notre Dame at Tantur (UNDT) is announcing a new initiative that invites students to be part of an international residential community.  Applications are now open to university students from diverse backgrounds that are interested in forming and engaging with a community that follows ecumenical values and fosters interfaith dialog.

The International Student Community (ISC) is part of the larger community of Tantur, the home for multiple programs of both UNDT and the Tantur Ecumenical Institute. Students are invited to participate in the diverse community of Tantur by joining meals and participating in the different social and intellectual events offered.

“We are calling upon local and international students that are studying (or planning to study) in the broader Jerusalem area and are keen to build and be part of a living community to join us at Tantur,” says Daniel Schwake, executive director of the University of Notre Dame at Tantur.

The University of Notre Dame at Tantur was introduced in 2018, unifying and facilitating the academic initiatives of the Tantur Ecumenical Institute (TEI) and the Jerusalem Global Gateway (JGG) on behalf of the University’s efforts in the Holy Land.

Learn more about the August 2021 program and the application process.

The University of Notre Dame at Tantur is part of Notre Dame International’s global network, which includes five Global Gateways in Jerusalem, Dublin, Beijing, London and Rome, and six Global Centers in Hong Kong, Mexico City, Mumbai, Santiago, São Paulo and Kylemore Abbey (western Ireland).

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