Notre Dame International announces joint research grant with Tel Aviv University

Author: Colleen Wilcox

The first recipients of the Schlindwein Family Tel Aviv University – Notre Dame Research Collaboration Grant have been announced.


Gretchen Reydams-Schils from the Program of Liberal Studies and Tzvi Novick from the Department of Theology received the grant for their project titled Interpretive Cultures of Late Antiquity: Hellenistic, Roman, Jewish and Christian Perspectives. It’s a joint research project with Ishay Roshen-Zvi from Tel Aviv University (TAU).


“This is an exciting, multi-disciplinary approach that also brings different methodologies and academic cultures together,” said Reydams-Schils. “The results, we hope, will both greatly enhance the projects of the individual participants and reshape the manner in which questions are framed in our respective fields.”


The funding of the grant was established by Tim Schlindwein, an alumnus of Notre Dame. Schlindwein played a key role in developing the relationship between the two institutions and furthering the research collaboration.


“Notre Dame and Tel Aviv University each place high value on teaching and research, and see the latter as both beneficial in its own right and as it furthers the former,” said Schlindwein. “It is wonderful to see them connected through this collaboration.”


Through the support of benefactors like the Schlindwein Family, Notre Dame International is able to provide this new grant to help encourage academic and research collaboration with TAU. This collaborative grant was structured to encourage the research of not only faculty members, but graduate students as well. Four graduate students, two from Notre Dame and two from Tel Aviv, will be involved in the project.


With additional cost sharing from the Department of Theology and the Notre Dame Workshop on Ancient Philosophy, the researchers are planning two joint workshops.


“This ensures that our graduate students have the same research opportunities and experience as our faculty,” said Michael Pippenger, vice president and associate provost for Internationalization.


“We are very grateful to Tim’s generous gift, which helps advance our presence in the Holy Land by supporting our faculty to engage in innovative research with colleagues at Tel Aviv University,” he said. “I see this as the beginning of many such collaborations between our institutions for years to come. “


Pippenger added that this collaboration is valuable not only to faculty and students, but to Notre Dame’s ongoing commitment to becoming an ever more global university.


More information on the Schlindwein Family Tel Aviv University – Notre Dame Research Collaboration Grant can be found here.


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Originally published by Colleen Wilcox at on April 24, 2018.