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Arabic Language Courses

Have you ever wanted to study Arabic, but weren’t sure where to start?

The University of Notre Dame at Tantur is offering an innovative and rigorous Arabic Language Program, aiming to bring non-natives to speak fluently and understand the culture.

These courses offer unparalleled versatility, and are flexible enough to fit the exact needs and sensitivities of every student. They also allow the students to have a truly immersive lingual experience, with constant communication with native speakers.

We also offer our unparalleled accommodations to students studying Arabic, which will allow them to live and learn with our International Student Community. Our community at Tantur is dedicated to giving our students the experiences and tools necessary to enact positive change on their environment.

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Why study Arabic with the University of Notre Dame at Tantur?

First-class team of experts

We bring a team of experts on a variety of topics (grammar, conversation, phonetics etc.) that look back at decades of designing and running Arabic language courses with focus on ensuring non-native speakers are able to speak Arabic fluently.

Speaking-supportive Environment

Our courses are conducted in an environment that supports the learning and speaking of Arabic (with Palestinian dialect), e.g. through regular interaction with native speakers and intentional encounters with Palestinian figures and institutes.

Tried and tested curriculum

Our programs are all based on thoroughly-built curricular offerings that can with privilege be adapted and further enhanced to meet the specific needs of our students (if desired) Highest standards of a leading university As a global leader in education, the University of Notre Dame is committed to rigorous academic standards as well as seamless administration of its programs.

Uniquely positioned campus

Our Jerusalem campus with its beautiful gardens and grounds, offers a safe learning space and all what our programs participants need (classrooms in difference sizes, a large library, a dining hall and accommodation services).