Intensive Course

Arabic Course Offerings

Intensive Arabic Program

A year-long (intensive) 5 days a week language program for students with some background in Arabic, bringing participants after the full year to speak fluent spoken Arabic and being able to read and write Modern Standard Arabic Participants can opt to be part of the whole year or less (at least one month).

Please contact us ( for more information about the costs and application for the intensive program.

Custom-made Program

A custom-made, individual and group program for training graduates, to maintain proficiency in Arabic and develop professional skills suited precisely to on-the-job demands or other specific needs.

Custom Made Course
  • 1 participant: 250 NIS per student/hour
  • 2 participants: 200 NIS per student/hour
  • 3-5 participants: 150 NIS per student/hour

For other custom made options (e.g. workshops, semester tailored programs etc.) and application, please contact us (

University Modules

Participants can join the accredited language courses of the Notre Dame undergraduate program at Tantur.

The following courses are currently being offered:

  • Spoken Arabic (Beginners): 36 academic hours
  • Spoken Arabic (Intermediate): 36 academic hours
  • 3,600 NIS per semester
  • Only up to 6 students will be admitted to allow for highest quality possible

To apply, please contact us at