Jerusalem Arabic Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

We believe that our students are best-positioned to talk about our programs.


"I really enjoyed my Arabic studies at Tantur, especially the flexibility of the instructors and the curriculum. They designed a program to suit my current Arabic level and my career goals, which helped me to advance quickly and prepared me professionally for working here in Jerusalem."

"The serene and idyllic hilltop campus, noted for its award-winning mid-century modern design, surrounded by olive groves and lemon trees, is actually not the best thing about studying at UND Tantur. It's the Arabic language instructors, who come from a variety of backgrounds and who work hard to meet the specific needs of their students. After studying Arabic for one year at UND Tantur, I came away with a much better understanding of how Arabic is used in Jerusalem in addition to the cultural, historical, and social aspects of spoken Arabic. I would highly recommend the Arabic language program and would welcome the opportunity to continue studies there."

"I couldn’t have [passed the exam] without the continued and sustained helped of the great staff at Tantur, who went above and beyond in the weeks and days ahead of the test to work on my conversational Arabic, practice assessment elements, and bring a great level of local cultural awareness to my conversation/vocabulary. Thank you to everyone!"


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