Isc Program 2

International Student Community

Are you studying in the Jerusalem area and looking for a home? The University of Notre Dame is opening the doors of its campus in Jerusalem to students from other universities, welcoming local and international students to live and be part of a newly formed student community.

Please explore our website and reach out to our team with any questions. If you would like to visit Tantur, explore our rooms and facility, and/or receive assistance with your application, please contact us. We can be reached:

  • Mobile in Israel: 054-7118301
  • Call/Text International: [Country Calling Code] +972-54-7118301
  • WhatsApp: +972-54-7118301

The University of Notre Dame at Tantur invites students to be part of the first residential international student community in Jerusalem. The University welcomes students from all backgrounds and cultures that are interested in forming and engaging with a community that is grounded in dignity and respect for each person.

The international student community is part of the larger community of Tantur which includes:

  • Staff members that live in residence with their families;
  • University of Notre Dame (a US university) students studying abroad in Jerusalem;
  • Continuing education program participants from around the world;
  • Scholars and clergy conducting research in the local area;
  • Guests and pilgrims who stay at Tantur for varying lengths of time.

Bachelors, masters, and doctoral students are welcome to participate in this diverse community by joining us for meals, attending the different social and intellectual events offered, and are welcomed at ecumenical and interfaith prayer gatherings. 

We welcome applicants from the local community as well as from international locations.

Download the ISC Flyer

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