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Semester Study Abroad in Jerusalem

While studying in Jerusalem, students have the unique opportunity to enroll in coursework at the Rothberg International School at Hebrew University, an Israeli institution in Jerusalem; Bethlehem University, a Palestinian Catholic institution located in the West Bank; as well as have the opportunity to enroll in Arabic or Hebrew language courses.

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Jerusalem Summer Program

Students enroll in a three-credit course taught on site by the academic director. The course content is enriched by a wide variety of excursions, allowing students to experience the depth and complexity of life in Jerusalem as a site of religious, historical and political significance. Students are challenged to deepen their worldview through engagement with a wide variety of perspectives, and have the unique opportunity to visit local NGO's, meet with political and religious leaders, and traverse much of the Holy Land.

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Language Study 

The Jerusalem Global Gateway offers language instruction tailored to the needs of individual students and adult learners. Our Spoken Arabic course allows participants to learn the local Palestinian dialect, focusing on the knowledge participants need for work and social situations. In addition to small group learning, students receive regular 1:1 tutorials with an Arabic instructor. A Hebrew course is also available upon request. Language study can currently be completed in-person or virtually via Zoom for all students.

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Program Accommodations

Many of our programs have a residential component. Please see our Accommodations page for more information on the facility and housing options available, including our International Student Community.

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