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Study Abroad in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Global Gateway hosts a number of undergraduate programs throughout the academic year and summer. Our semester students take courses from leading public intellectuals at the Global Gateway, as well as courses at prestigious universities like Hebrew University and Bethlehem University. The Global Gateway is a hub of academic activity for both local and international learners, reinforcing the campus' rich community life throughout the year. Traversing such a diverse political, ethnic, and religious landscape, Notre Dame undergraduates have endless opportunities to enrich their cultural, professional, and spiritual experience through local internships and organized trips to Bethlehem, Galilee, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and the Negev desert.

For more information about studying abroad in Jerusalem, please contact Gabriel Mitchell ( or Robert Leis (

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Student Testimonials

Sabrina Marino
Sabrina Cohen Marino - '26
Mendoza College of Business

“I think it's been amazing to explore Jerusalem with new people because you get to have different perspectives from everyone. Living at the Jerusalem Global Gateway was great. It's been an immersive experience where as a group, we've gotten the opportunity to not only get to know the city and different parts of the country but also get to know each other and learn new things about different cultures and about the historic significance of the holy land.”

Kyle Wesseln


Kyle Wesseln -'25
College of Engineering

“I would say if you're religious, Jerusalem definitely adds something to you, but there's so much history, art, experience and research in every place we visit, even if it is a religious site, you get something greater out of it, and it truly is a full experience.”

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