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Jump start your career in the high tech industry. Become a full-stack developer in two years through collaborative, project-based learning. Bring your intellect and motivation. No other experience necessary.



Leading American University Graduate with a certificate of completion (no degree) from a leading US-American University

Full-stack Developer Acquire full-stack developer skills, using cutting edge educational techniques

Hebrew Language Skills Master Hebrew like in no other program through dedicated modules

English Language Skills Boost your English to perfection which is the language of our campus and program 

Humanities and Soft Skills Grow through a variety of modules with Notre Dame adjunct faculty in Humanities and Soft Skill development

High-Tech Job Opportunities Be part of a dynamic ecosystem with amazing job prospects at graduation (through our partner companies)


About the Program

adam presents an innovative curriculum in software engineering and programming that takes you far and beyond coding

The University of Notre Dame at Tantur (UNDT) offers a 2-year certificate program (no degree) in software engineering (coding).

I. Core Full-Stack Curriculum

During the two year program, you will complete over 50 projects, learning how to use Javascript, Go, and Rust - as well as having the opportunity to work on projects in C, C++, Ruby-on-Rails, PHP, and Python. 

With a renowned and tried & tested approach, the core curriculum has been rigorously designed for learning skills of the digital world and technology industry. Taking a different approach than the classic teaching methods today, learning is facilitated through a collective and co-creative process in a professional environment.


Areas Of Study


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II. Language

The program will intentionally run in English, allowing you to grow and further develop your language skills and confidence. Courses will be offered in Hebrew language, ensuring you can compete in the local job market with the best conditions.

III. Electives in Humanities and Soft Skills

Practical modules (e.g. CV writing, Business Case writing etc.) will help you grow specific soft skills that you will need in the job market. Dedicated modules in humanities (e.g. Palestinian book club, introduction into Philosophy etc.) will allow you to think beyond and expand your perspectives.

Your path to paid employment

1. Selection (First Month) Prove that you bring the appropriate skills and drive

2. adam - Coding & Beyond (Two Years) Become a full-stack developer and boost your foreign language skills

3. Work Opportunity Paid employment at one of our partner companies

Ready to take the next step?

How to Apply   Learn About the Curriculum

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